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The 2YouMusic will enrich your musical and cultural experience through dancing. Some of the techno Hip Hop tracks and others can benefit you by playing them at your private party to playing them in the club scene. They have simple easy four-on-the-floor beats with an accent on the 1 (as James Brown would say, "one the ONE!"). They can be supported by powerful and exotic choreographic elements.

As most know dancing is good for your health, so it can be applied to a physical fitness training program in your fitness studio. They can also be used in dance courses to innovate and create a new form of the modern popular dance. I personally use music to workout at home. I simply turn on European Hip Hop tracks and more and coordinate my exercise count to the beat of the music. This is an excellent workout. Of course there are many ways music can be used. Be free and try to create with one of the tracks-for example, "Rhythm"-and see if you can hold the rhythm through the whole 3-plus minutes and see how you feel after you finished. I'm sure you will be amazed at how you will feel. I am excited to hear what many of you have invented using the tracks from Mr. Dubble U.

2YouMusic will offer prizes for a contest to be announced in the future. It will be a pleasure having fun with you all in the future. Download a track of some of our classic Hip Hop downloads now and get creative. Imagine the dance moves you could invent!

Techno Hip Hop

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