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2YouMusic will also share different version/mixes of productions never released to the public. It will bring the conception of a song to its release to the world. The story, dynamics, and mixes of a song of your choice will be here for you to experience. The published versions are available as classic Hip Hop downloads on this site; and if you wish to know a story of a song, let us know. Tracks from recordings and mixes will be made available for you right here at I will also tell you the story about events and/or experience with other artists that influenced the track of your choice. Your questions and mixes will be here for others to participate. It will be interesting to see which song creates the most curiosity, so you may ask as many questions as you wish. As I am human and have limitations like all humans, I thought one song per month would be reasonable. After that, a new classic, European, or techno Hip Hop song will be chosen and we will take you into its conception through its ripening.

I thought it would be a fantastic experience for everyone to have a share in a cultural venture into the birth of a sound that has grown and multiplied throughout the world. My objective is to present to you the musical connection between an American music value crossed with a classical European Hip Hop sound. Music is a universal language.
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