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The core of 2YouMusic/2You Records was born in 1981 from a mixture of R&B, Gospel, Classic, Rock, and Hip Hop when an American experience integrated with the European classical galaxy. Eventually in 1989 the European Hip Hop Dance Band K DubbleU was formed and presented the New Born to the European dance scene with energy and new life. The band brought a composed yet powerful style combined with soulful, classical vocals from various European and American vocalists. In 1993 the techno Hip Hop dance track "Hot Spot" was released by Booster Record/Fregate Music in Paris, France, was published by Diana Music in Berlin, Germany, and distributed by PolyGram. Tracks like "Rhythm" and "Keep the Party" were two of the songs performed live, complemented by 6 dancers, males and females, and backup singers throughout Europe.

2YouMusic/2You Records was founded by Mr. DubbleU in 2005 to share this experience with each and every one of you through classic Hip Hop downloads and more. This experience did not end, it began. Other artists, including Mr. DubbleU, will continue this evolution as is in LIFE. New musical experiences shared with you as soon as production is complete. Keep the Party Rockin'.

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